“It is a very moving piece, I laughed and it also brought tears to my eyes.  It was like having the opportunity to be an invisible guest in a family and have the opportunity to experience first hand their ups and downs.  A family that could be my best friend’s family or my own.” 

- Alma Villegas, Producer, Playwright

What People are Saying

To request a perusal copy of the script, email Natalie Wilson.

“What a debut!  Humor, pathos, plot twists and turns, credible characters, colorful cultural ambience, even a worthy moral.”

- Ross Driver, audience member

“The character of Frank is extremely well written.  In fact, I think all the characters are well written.  They each have their own personality and voice.  You have a wonderful piece on your hands.”

- Diamando Stratakos,  Executive Director, Left Hip Productions

“A moving new play”.  – John Chatteron, Producer